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Enterprise Application software performs business functions such as accounting, production scheduling, customer information tracking, bank account maintenance, and the like. It is almost always hosted on servers, and is used by multiple employees of the same organization. Major subcategories include ERP, CRM, and SCM.
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By: Nuxeo     Published Date: Jul 29, 2014
What does a modern, flexible content management application look like, how should it integrate with development processes, and how should businesses get there? Join Gigaom Research and our sponsor Nuxeo for “Building Content-Centric Applications – the New Shift in Enterprise Content Management,” a free analyst webinar on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, at 10 a.m. PT.
Tags : nuxeo, content management, enterprise content management, ecm, content management applications
By: Foxit     Published Date: Jul 25, 2014
Learn about why your organization should go paperless and see how this can increase productivity and save your organization money.
Tags : foxit, paperless, save money, increase productivity, information sharing
By: Foxit     Published Date: Jul 25, 2014
Learn why enterprises should standardize on a single PDF provider and see how this can provide a complete solution at an affordable price to address the needs of dissimilar users.
Tags : foxit, single pdf provider, computing platforms, software applications, customer ease
By: Citrix     Published Date: Jul 25, 2014
In this exclusive Security Leadership Series eBook, Citrix chief information security officer Stan Black and chief security strategist Kurt Roemer share security best practices for IT leaders.
Tags : network security, application security, compliance, email security, hacker detection
By: Skillsoft     Published Date: Jul 23, 2014
This ExecBlueprint provides practical advice for developing such a code that will go beyond “window dressing” and inspire leaders and employees alike to build and sustain a compliant and ethical culture. While acting ethically is important for its own sake, the authors also provide pragmatic reasoning for fostering such a culture: ethical organizations earn the trust — and loyalty — of employees, customers, and investors. Accordingly, the code should be simple to understand, widely circulated, and aggressively enforced. But most importantly: adherence starts at the top.
Tags : skillsoft, ethical workplace, compliance, code of conduct, industry standards
By: CBeyond     Published Date: Jul 22, 2014
This guide was created to offer a preliminary understanding of Cloud computing, so that business owners and managers will be better positioned to make the move toward Cloud services sooner, rather than later.
Tags : cbeyond, cloud computing, cloud applications, cloud security, virtual applications
By: Blue Jeans Network     Published Date: Jul 21, 2014
Over the past two decades, the conferencing and collaboration industry has introduced a series of enterprise communications offerings that address these challenges by enabling voice, video, and data collaboration at a distance – saving customers time and money, fostering team collaboration, and improving employee work-life balance. More recently, video conferencing and collaboration solutions have moved to the "cloud," giving customers cost effective, scalable, and more flexible purchasing options to meet their expanding communications needs. Download to learn more!
Tags : video collaboration, conferencing, data collaboration, video conferencing, flexible purchasing options
     Blue Jeans Network
By: OpenText     Published Date: Jul 21, 2014
Learn about Virtual Network Computing and find out how to whether the platform you have selected will be the right fit for your Global Virtual Design Center and what you can do if that is not the case.
Tags : opentext, virtual network computing, system on chip, global virtual design center, vnc
By: Red Hat     Published Date: Jul 17, 2014
As a strategic partner in your business, you need to respond to growing business demand. Unfortunately, you face several challenges. Your complex IT environment is costly to manage and has a high downtime risk. Most of your resources and budget likely go to maintaining the stability, security and reliability of your IT system. Your organization might lack the processes needed to confidently manage support issues, IT transitions and new application deployments. In this whitepaper you will read about how to maximize uptime, reduce management costs, and quickly respond to business demands.
Tags : business demand, security, it transitions, new applications, it systems
     Red Hat
By: Pitney Bowes     Published Date: Jul 17, 2014
Watch this recorded webinar to learn why retailers need to give price-sensitive web consumers stellar customer service and value through guaranteed landed costs and accurate delivery times and tracking.
Tags : pitney bowes, ecommerce, retail, online business, shipping
     Pitney Bowes
By: Citrix     Published Date: Jul 17, 2014
This paper addresses many common business challenges facing IT organizations, such as enabling mobile workstyles without compromising security, streamlining desktop management efforts as the number of employees in remote offices and offshore locations increases and making the user experience personal through self-service access to applications and desktops.
Tags : citrix, xenapp, mobile workers, mobile workforce, desktop management
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Jul 16, 2014
This paper provides findings and statistics on users demands and an important list of 5 ways to satisfy both business and user demands for IT Service.
Tags : cloud service management, mobile computing, mobile data systems, customer interaction service, service management
     CA Technologies
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Jul 16, 2014
This paper focuses on the changing demands from consumers and how the right IT Management Solution can help.
Tags : it service management, changing consumer demands, consumer experience, byod, saas
     CA Technologies
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Jul 16, 2014
A CA Technologies white paper on creating a "Win-win" for both IT and its consumers.
Tags : improving consumer experience, optimal it service delivery, cloud service management, mobile computing, mobile data systems
     CA Technologies
By: Nginx     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
Users demand fast application delivery and it is essential for the survival of your business. Meeting the expectations of your users is challenging. NGINX Plus offers a broad array of solutions to solve these challenges, allowing you to delight your users.
Tags : nginx, application delivery, web servers, application infrastructure, apache http server
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
Riverbed delivers application performance for the globally connected enterprise. With Riverbed, enterprises can successfully and intelligently implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery without fear of compromising performance.
Tags : troubleshooting, performance, virtualized, application, architecture
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
The Riverbed solution is one that exhibited strong capabilities across a broad number of our measured categories, without clearly dominating anything in particular. The solution is still going through integration between the Cascade and OPNET portfolios, and thus did not achieve full potential scores in some regards, but the breadth of design and capabilities is now among the very best in the ANPM sector.
Tags : ema, application-awareness, network, performance, management
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
ESG was engaged by Riverbed to develop a detailed EVV analysis designed to help IT organizations determine the relative costs and benefits of deploying Riverbed Cascade compared with a typical performance management solution.
Tags : economic value, validation, performance, management, esg
By: Acquia     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
This ebook provides best practices to consider while thinking through your redesign.
Tags : best practices for redesign, mobile computing, mobile friendly site design, responsive design, network architecture
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
The intelligent economy is here, and it is transforming IT's mandate to deliver business value to the enterprise. Businesses recognize that to remain competitive, they need to embrace a broader array of collaborative applications and create ubiquitous access to these applications at the far reaches of the globe. Ensuring IT is the "must have" resource in new revenue-generating opportunities is top of mind for all IT professionals.
Tags : business value, roi, application-awareness, network performance, network management
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
Organizations have gained significant benefit from virtualizing servers and storage environments, and now face the daunting task of deploying new network architectures to keep pace. Software-defined networking holds significant promise to deliver a new network architecture that is abstracted and virtualized; however, organizations would be well served to learn from previous efforts to virtualize other domains in order to avoid making the same mistakes. Riverbed and VMware joined forces to help eliminate those problems and make it easier to deploy VXLAN overlay networks in highly virtualized data centers by integrating application-aware network performance management software and vSphere 5.1
Tags : performance, management, software, networks, virtualizing servers
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
In January 2012, Riverbed® Technology announced version 9.5 of its Cascade® network performance management solution, which included a number of major enhancements. Collectively, the new capabilities are designed to improve visibility into the health and activity of applications and services traversing networks from the branch to the data center.
Tags : advnace, visibility, virtual data centers, technology, solution
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jul 15, 2014
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers organizations the means to centrally manage and deliver desktops as a service to reduce costs, increase data security, and streamline desktop management while enabling anytime, anywhere access across a wide variety of devices. IT consumerization trends such as BYOD (bring your own device) and device diversity are accelerating VDI adoption, which is expected to double over the next year.
Tags : troubleshooting, virtual desktop, infrastructure, vdi, deployments
By: CompareBusinessProducts.com     Published Date: Jul 11, 2014
Contact center solutions and offerings from different vendors vary tremendously. They differ in terms of cost, support and types of functionality that are available. Some solutions will be much more suited to your business than others. Some that might seem to be perfect at first glance may have lots of hidden add-on costs, pushing the overall cost of the system way beyond budget, or may lack some features that you may need in the near future. There is a lot to think about when evaluating options and features and the selection process is complex. The questions detailed in this paper can help you establish whether a solution is really right for your organization, as well as the real costs and benefits that it will bring.
Tags : compare business, contact center solutions, vendors, costs, benefits
By: CompareBusinessProducts.com     Published Date: Jul 11, 2014
8x8 is an organization that offers cloud communications and computing services to a range of different businesses of different sizes. It is a publicly-traded organization, based in northern California, with more than 10 years of experience in cloud VoIP and contact center solutions, as well as the unified communications market. The company offers a wide range of services to its customers, which include cloud phone services, virtual meeting, virtual desktops, and the focus of this report, the virtual contact center. The technologies that it has developed uses the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, which it claims is both powerful and secure. The company also specifies that it has some of the most reliable IP telephony that is available on the market.
Tags : compare business, contact center solutions, vendors, costs, benefits
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